Italian designer Francesca Smiraglia lives and works in Milan and southern Italy. Born in 1983, she graduated in 2008 in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano with a specialization in product and lighting design.


She is always constantly looking for ways to improve her knowledge and develop new methodologies of "design thinking" to work on transversal projects and ideas.


In 2016 he opened his own studio, indeed her "AREA" with the intention of creating an agency dedicated to design and artistic direction in the sectors of product design, lighting, interior, illustration and brand identity.




Clients | Collaborations

Bilumen, Modoluce, Karboxx, Formagenda, Forma Lighitng, KDLN Kundalini, 

Siru Lighting, CoeLux, Oxytech , Green Solution Touring, Rotodea, Villa Tosca Design.